Monday, February 21, 2011

A New Snake

On the 20 of February 2011 my dad came in the living room with a hatchling of a brown house snake in a jar. I thought it was the dead snake that was in the freezer, but it was alive snake. Right now it is in the tank with the six-inch long millipedes.

This morning Grayson put a baby frog in the tank. Around 11 o’clock 21 of Feb the snake disappeared from under the log and the frog is no longer in the millipede hole. I think the snake ate the frog, but my dad said it didn’t. So far we haven’t seen it since it left its hiding place.


  1. What an amazing find. May I ask why there is a snake in the freezer?

  2. I am also very interested about why the snake was in the freezer. It sounds like an interesting creature. Does it get along well with the millipedes?

  3. Very cool! What kind of snake is it? Has it become more brave?