Thursday, January 27, 2011

Two Chameleons

The other day I found two chameleons in our yard. One was turning black and it would hiss and snarl while the other one tried to bite. To catch one you have to beware of their mouth, because they bite! I made one of the chameleons claw Grayson. he he he!!! To catch one of the chameleons, I pushed on it’s back, so it would creep forward onto my hand and then I lifted my hand. When a chameleon climes on a person it hurts, because they have long sharp claw feet. They have dull yellow tongues. I fed them some bugs for lunch. I put bugs on a pencil and then one would shoot its tongue to get the bug. When we let them go they were exhausted.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Holy Fungus

I found this fungus that looks like human fingers growing at the bottom of a snag* in our back yard.

*A snag is a dead tree

Friday, January 14, 2011


We have at least three tree agamas in our yard. Tree agamas are big grumpy lizards. They have rough scales and beautiful blue heads during mating season. These lizards are hard to catch. When you get close they run around to the other side of the tree and climb up high. Once I caught one during Green Camp at Kumbali. After I caught it made violent thrusts with its head trying to bite me, but its neck was too short to reach my hands. If you catch one hold it firmly because tree agamas are very strong creatures.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Crazy Trees

Trees are green,
Trees are red,
Trees are yellow,
Trees are growing on your bed.

Trees can jump,
Trees can walk,
Trees can skip,
Trees can even sometimes talk.

Trees have spirits,
Trees have eyes,
Trees have hair,
Trees have asked many whys.


Squirtle is a tortoise not a turtle. Tortoises have round stumpy feet, turtle's feet are usually webbed. He eats snails, grapes, tomatoes, cooked chicken, looseleaf lettuce, mushrooms, and millepedes. He likes to sleep at night. He is six inches long, four inches wide, and weighs one pound 2 ounces.

When we first got him he would not budge, he just sat there hiding in shell. When we picked him up he still would not move unless we put him in the pond and then he would swim.

Now he is not shy at all. When we pick him up he does not hide in his shell. He likes swimming and he likes it when I rub his neck. Sometimes he sits in our laps and watches TV. I think he likes Nat Geo Wild the best. Squirtle thinks it is fun to squeeze my fingers between his arms and shell. He is very strong. For a tortoise he is pretty fast. He can run about as fast I walk.

Squirtle is a Bell's Hingeback Tortoise. The back part of his shell can move up and down to protect his tail and legs. He is a very cool pet.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Who Am I?

Hi, my name is Alonzo. I'm ten years old and in the fourth grade. I have three annoying brothers and three pets; a cat, a dog, and a tortoise. My favorite sport is kayaking and chameleons are my favorite animal.

I live in Malawi, but I'm from Texas. My dad works for the State Department so we live overseas. I have lived in Germany and Indonesia also. I like living overseas because I get to see all different things like volcanos and castles.


Snakes are creepy,
Snakes are slimy,
Snakes eat rats,
Snakes eat bats.

Some have venom,
Some have none,
Some are deadly,
Some are fun.

I have one
I have ten
One just got loose again.