Monday, February 28, 2011


A few days ago Colin and I made a fire with a magnifying glass. It took us one hour to make it and for are success we were treated with home made marshmallows and we roasted them . Two days later we made a other fire hoping to get more marshmallows. I guess we were wrong.


  1. I guess some things only work once. Looks like you made a good sized fire.

  2. Learning to 'play with fire' safely is fun. My dad made sure we had a safe place and hose for our experiments. He served as a fireman when he was in the Navy, and so had some stories about people NOT being safe with fire too. Did you know, that if you use lighter fluid to soak BBQ coals, you use it before you light it and NEVER afterwards, because the fire can travel up the stream of liquid and blow up the can. My neighbor did that and it knocked him across his yard! He was ok, but he was lucky and you should have seen my dad leap the fence to go help him! Have fun, and as for more marshmallows, might I suggest the 'help mom with chores so she'll have extra free time for making goodies' trick... not as much fun, perhaps, but it works for my kids.