Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Hot or Sweet?

We picked some peppers from the garden. The peppers just came up, we did not plant them. Yesterday at dinner my dad told Colin that the peppers were sweet. Dad took a bite of the pepper to show him they were not hot. What was Colin thinking? Dad did not bite into the middle of the pepper. Colin took a big bite right in the middle of it and he, screamed and he screamed! Colin yelled, "Liar!" Dad bit into the middle of the pepper and ran to get the milk. If dad runs to get the milk I will not try it. That means it is one hot pepper.

These are very strange peppers. If you bite where there are no seeds they are sweeter than the sweetest bell pepper. If you bite where there are seeds they are hotter than a jalepeno.


  1. That is a really funny story! How was your camp?

  2. Do you know the name of that chilli? I would like to look here in Mozambique to see if they have something like that here. I love chilis and now I am very curious to try one!