Thursday, January 27, 2011

Two Chameleons

The other day I found two chameleons in our yard. One was turning black and it would hiss and snarl while the other one tried to bite. To catch one you have to beware of their mouth, because they bite! I made one of the chameleons claw Grayson. he he he!!! To catch one of the chameleons, I pushed on it’s back, so it would creep forward onto my hand and then I lifted my hand. When a chameleon climes on a person it hurts, because they have long sharp claw feet. They have dull yellow tongues. I fed them some bugs for lunch. I put bugs on a pencil and then one would shoot its tongue to get the bug. When we let them go they were exhausted.


  1. So, out there somewhere, are a couple of chameleons telling all their reptile friends "You would not BELIEVE the day we had! But... the 'bugs on a stick' were delicious!"

  2. So they calmed down after awhile and let you hold them? You have a pretty awesome backyard.

  3. Those are beautiful chameleons ... But I have a question. If you have to be aware of their teeth how do they not bite you on your hands once you catch them??